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Gregg Schnitzer of Tonebarge Studios in Petaluma, CA, a well known producer and engineer in the industry who has worked with greats such as the Grateful Dead, Santana, Huey Lewis & the News, Jefferson Starship, Sammy Hagar, Blue Oyster Cult and many, many more wrote:

" John Buckle's newly formed band "Dreamland" tracked and mixed recently at my studio, Music Avenue. A highlite of the session was his drummer Lorenz Cornelisen. It is impossible for me to recount every drummer I have worked with over the past thirty years but let it be said that Lorenz flat blew me away. My partner likened him to John Bonham! Lorenz demonstrates a deep knowledge of what being a drummer is all about and he delivers the goods. His interpretation of John's songs is flawless as is his timing and tuning. Delightful!

Please take the time to listen and determine for yourself. You won't be disappointed!

Kind regards,

Gregg Schnitzer


My dear friend Dave Lauser who has been drumming for Sammy Hagar for over 20 years told me that all I need to perfect my sound is a good endorsement. Whether it be Mapex or Premier, we'll see! :)


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